When we say there is always something happening at Big Five Club, we aren’t exaggerating. Our calendar of events is always brimming with activities and opportunities for our members. If you’re looking for a place to extend the reach of your social life by gathering with old friends and making new ones, Big Five Club is your place.

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Family, Couples, and Singles Social Events in Big Five Club
Whether you’re looking for social clubs north of the bridge for yourself, as a couple, or for your whole family, you’ll find activities year-round at Big Five Club. In addition to structured activities that allow member to enjoy the golf course, tennis courts and pools, our team plans a variety of events for both adults and children to enjoy. From wine nights to casino nights to kid’s camps, Big Five Club has events for the whole family. The Big Five Club lifestyle is the new club living, active, social, and dynamic.

Friday Night Socials — Events to Unwind!
During Friday Night Socials at Big Five Club, we explore themes such as Mad Men Casino, Night in White Party, Oktoberfest, Halloween, Jazz on the Green, and more. With decorations, themed menus and lively company creating the energy and ambiance, these socials are an opportunity for you to relax, chat with friends and unwind after a long work week. Remember that as a member, you can always bring guests to our Friday Night Socials so they can experience Big Five Club at its finest.