The Secret to Rapid and Constant Fat Loss

Throughout this small article, we’re going to go over just how short bursts of intense training sessions – Turbulence Training style – can trigger your body to burn fat and build muscle like a maniac.

This is the secret, the thing which will enable you to get amazing results for 90 minutes per week (granted you put the required effort in).

The phenomenon that will make this happen is called EPOC – it is known as the “afterburn” effect although EPOC is its scientific name. Workout in the right way and you’ll put it working for you.

Allow us to explain:

Turbulence Training is a program that focuses on triggering high levels of “Afterburn” and this is stated in a lot of scientific publications and proven by research – even by The Journal of Sports Science, which claims “TT-Style workouts causes EPOC to happen” which beats boring cardio any time of the day.

The Journal of Applied Physiology, on the other hand, found out that by using TT workouts (TT = Turbulence Training) subjects were demonstrating a body fat burning ability increased by 36%.

This means that you’ll be burning 36% more calories during your days, even when sleeping or working – thanks to tuning your body the right way.

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One of the program’s success stories is Jenae, that managed to get her results in 12 weeks. She claims her biggest problem was not having time to workout, since she is a mother of 4, but the Turbulence Training workouts made it so that she could be consistent.

She dropped 20 pounds with TT training.

Jenae tells us the most surprising thing about her experience was that she would feel her body “on fire” during several hours after the workout.

Body fat reduced by 5% thanks to the training program.

So, this is great for men who want to get thinner and leaner, while also a huge deal for bodybuilders and men who want to be defined.

You should check this training method out.